Beyond the Lens Photography St. Catharines Family & Child Photographer

Serving the Niagara Region and surrounding areas in Southern Ontario

Please call us today at (905) 329-9624 

St. Catharines Professional Photography Services  

We are the most photographed generation, but we enjoy photography the least... Speak with us today to find out how you can avoid this trap! 

      We are a full service photography business in St. Catharines, Ontario, in the heart of the beautiful Niagara Region,  providing both professional studio portraits, as well as on location sessions that capture your family in the abundant beauty found in the world around us. We have many regular locations, which we use and one of them is sure to fulfill your vision for your perfect family portrait.

      Beyond the Lens Photography has been impressing clients with stellar photographic skills for some time now. By choosing us, you are choosing first class service, guaranteed. You will get impressive images to accent your home as beautiful wall art.

      Life happens so quickly and children grow up even faster! Do not miss a single precious moment in the lives of your loved ones because family is forever and your portraits will be there for generations to enjoy. Let us capture all those incredible moments created by your amazing children. That smile, that mischievous twinkle in their eyes as well as the laughter you love. We have delighted many parents by taking breathtaking images at just the perfect moment.

      Take advantage of the opportunity to have your special family moments captured in tangible professional prints. Book your consultation and session today because appointments fill up fast.

      We take the time to give you a personalized experience which will include a real phone call by a real person to discuss what your vision is for your session. We will NOT lead you through a borage of emails taking up your valuable time. We will instead speak with you before your session and after your session you will be invited to our studio to select the ones that you want displayed in your home as beautiful wall art! We will have various wall art on display in our studio for you to begin to conceptualize what they can look like in your home. 

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